What happened with Poly World's?

It's been more than two years since the last update and there's been no more talk about the game, well what happened was that from our point of view (which was to have better performance over graphics and gameplay) the game ended up being a lot heavier from a graphical point of view despite having a low polygon style (flat shaded geometry means more vertices) and that affected us, since our computers have very low resources, 4gb ram, 2.3ghz dual core processing and integrated graphics card, we aimed that the game had to run in smaller specifications than those, and that ended up being impossible.

blue lines are normals, so making the shape flat shade splits the vertices increasing the number of them, causing lag.

The game in its current state, without crafting system, without enemies, without a destructible world, runs at 60fps, something expected since it had nothing, but adding more and more systems it became much heavier, to the point where we could not use Unity. And we had only implemented the voxel system separately, and with that the chunk did not load after the ram exceeded 2GB. At the end we had three options, reduce the rendering distance (fog everywhere and less geometry rendered), make our own graphic engine that only included what was necessary to make it so much more optimal (it would take only two or more years to do what was done in a couple of months), and finally cancel the game.

voxel terrain

However, we decided to continue making the game despite the technical problems we presented, we made each system separately and then we tried to join them... I say we tried because something happened that we did not expect. The month of March happened a big general blackout in Venezuela that lasted a week (Yes, we are Venezuelans), when I check the project back everything had disappeared, there were only the models, images and a few scripts, when I check the backups I realize they are older versions that were not updated, my partner had the newer versions, who at the time of the shutdown he was working on them. They were also damaged... until then we did not know what to do, so we decided to leave it there, we had lost a year of work... 

Seeing the positive side we would have taken one or more years to polish those systems, and we would still need to add many more, and with only two people who work and study we were not going to be able to achieve it. So very sadly this project will have to be left behind, and my partner was completely discouraged to the development of video games and now he is 100% dedicated to his work, for my part, I continue dedicating myself to my studies, a part to work and in my free time to the development of video games, since it's something I want to dedicate myself.  

So who knows, maybe later I’ll show another game ;) 

TLDR: a blackout damaged the project files leaving us with outdated versions, unmotivated; my partner prefers to focus on his career, I will continue in the development of video games.

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