A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Poly World


ALPHA 0.14

  • Added main menu
    • Single Player
      • Create, customize and delete characters to play in your world.
      • 3 types of characters (both genders).
        • Elf.
        • Humans.
        • Orcs.
      • 5 diferents skin colors.
      • 6 types of heads.
      • 6 types of hairs.
      • 5 types of hair color.
      • 5 types of eyes color.
      • Create worlds by naming them.
        • It automatly create a seed.
    • Multiplayer (Disabled at the moment)
    • Options
      • The option menu has been move to here.
      • Now you can save the options.
      • If you dont save, the options will get apply, and will be lost at restart.
  • Added clouds.
  • Added a proper skybox that fits the low polygon style.
  • Added a new font.
  • The water has been change drastricly.
  • The menu in a world has been change.
    • Resumen button added.
    • Option button added.
      • The old option menu is here now, with the save and back buttons.
    • Exit button,
      • Exit the world, and return to main menu.
    • Quit button.
      • Quits the game.
  • The player info and world seed (just the seed) is saved.


  • Updated links for each plataform, to avoid some minor problems due to diferents architectures (x86, x64).
  • Changed the compression format of Mac OS X, from the .rar to .zip, sometimes .rar files tends to corrupts the files.
  • Added Shadows.
    • Shadows settings on the menu, that support:
      • Very High Shadows.
      • High Shadows.
      • Medium Shadows.
      • Low Shadows.
      • Disable Shadows.


Windows x64 27 MB
Windows x86 25 MB
Linux x64 31 MB
Linux x86 30 MB
Mac OS X x64 33 MB
Mac OS X x86 32 MB

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Where can I get the source code for modding? 

cant do anything but walk

Also why is my charictar floating? l

Great potential however i think it needs a crafting system. 

Looks awesome! Character proportions are very human-like, and I was think the shadows and lighting is great. Good work so far!

A good title to the game could be "A War of Creation" or something like that.

Hey it's a really good start man! Keep working on it, I'm loving the game!

Absolutely loving it so far, I may do another video on it in the next update. Keep up the great work!

When I try to download this for Mac it says it does not have a application

Can you explain more what happened?

Well when I got the download and clicked the Mac OS X.rar it says theres no document to open it

Hey, I updated the links with a new version, give it a try. :)

it still doesn't work

Updated the links, and if that doesn't work the next thing to try is making sure that you: "chmod 755 Poly World's.app/Contents/MacOS/Poly World's" good luck :).

it doesnt work i have linux and it doesnt support 64 bit users so u should u fix it and it wont extract with the file roller most games do this its just i want to try this one so pls fix

See if u can email me if u fix it

(2 edits)

I could never find your email, so I updated the game and the links, I hope so if it works on Linux. :)

i will try it now and you could ask for my email


it worked thx for the help and good service for when we ask for help and u responed fst and wif it fast thx u so much :)

it's just the .exe file and the data folder. there's no mac version

Opss, sorry, looks like i miss that part... updated and fixed (i hope).

yes, it's fixed :)


Great looking start, here's a video I did on the game just today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61qtJBanEus

Thanks, look the comment in the video :).