A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Poly World


  • Updated links for each plataform, to avoid some minor problems due to diferents architectures (x86, x64).
  • Changed the compression format of Mac OS X, from the .rar to .zip, sometimes .rar files tends to corrupts the files.
  • Added Shadows.
    • Shadows settings on the menu, that support:
      • Very High Shadows.
      • High Shadows.
      • Medium Shadows.
      • Low Shadows.
      • Disable Shadows.

ALPHA 0.13

  • Improved biomes
    • They are now bigger.
    • Added new biome.
      • Beach.
  • Added trees :D.
    • 3 type of trees per biome.
      • Pines (snow).
      • Oaks (grassland).
      • Spruce (forest).
      • Palms (beach).
      • Just the trunk (desolation)
      • Catus (desert).
  • Increased the seeds of the map generator from 5000 to 999999999.
  • Improved visibility.
  • Added new option "Object Render Distance".
    • A slide bar that increas the render distance of objects for better performance.
  • New Debug screen.
    • Press F5 to open it and see:
      • FPS.
      • Current version.
      • Player coordinates.
      • Biome.
      • Cardinal direcction.
      • Seed.
  • Fixed player falling the world.

ALPHA 0.125

  • Added 5 differents biome.
    • Desert.
    • Grassland.
    • Forest (without trees).
    • Snow.
    • Desolation.
  • Improve visualy the menu.
  • Fixed support for linux (i hope).

ALPHA 0.12

  • Added camera control with the mouse.
  • Ability to changes betewn third person and first person with mouse wheel.
  • Added water with reflection
  • Option menu (press esc to open and close it).
  • Added skybox (need improvement).
  • Improved fps.
  • Fiexed support for mac.


  • Low poly world generation.
  • And player movement.

This is a proyect where the main idea is to have a multiplayer rpg set in a dark low poly world, and gather resource to make weapons to fight against enemies and gain level to unlock special abilitys.

For now the name is not definit, so it may change, the idea is base in game such as Skyrim and Terraria, have the amount of enemies and bosses from Terraria, also the random generation of worlds, and the rpg combat style of Skyrim with the level system.

As right now is just the alpha 0.1, so it will take a while, also i'm just doing everything alone.


Windows x64 (26 MB)
Windows x86 (24 MB)
Linux x64 (29 MB)
Linux x86 (29 MB)
Mac OS X x64 (32 MB)
Mac OS X x86 (31 MB)


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When I try to download this for Mac it says it does not have a application

Can you explain more what happened?

Well when I got the download and clicked the Mac OS X.rar it says theres no document to open it

Hey, I updated the links with a new version, give it a try. :)

it still doesn't work

Updated the links, and if that doesn't work the next thing to try is making sure that you: "chmod 755 Poly World's.app/Contents/MacOS/Poly World's" good luck :).

it doesnt work i have linux and it doesnt support 64 bit users so u should u fix it and it wont extract with the file roller most games do this its just i want to try this one so pls fix

See if u can email me if u fix it

(Edited 2 times)

I could never find your email, so I updated the game and the links, I hope so if it works on Linux. :)

i will try it now and you could ask for my email


it worked thx for the help and good service for when we ask for help and u responed fst and wif it fast thx u so much :)

it's just the .exe file and the data folder. there's no mac version

Opss, sorry, looks like i miss that part... updated and fixed (i hope).

yes, it's fixed :)


Great looking start, here's a video I did on the game just today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61qtJBanEus

Thanks, look the comment in the video :).